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I am Carla Plouin. A marketer, creative problem-solver, and a marketing geek/student for life. I get things done and help others achieve their business goals.

So if you want to optimize or integrate marketing as part of your sustainable growth strategy, let’s talk!

Cross-functional multi-cultural environments feel like home and I’m always interested in global and creative opportunities involving marketing as an integral part of business development… rather than marketing as a magic wand 😉.

Here's what I bring to the table:

  • 15+ years of experience in international marketing communications in 20+ countries
  • 2 masters degrees: International Marketing & International Relations
  • Most useful skills: B2B integrated marketing, project management, problem solving, strategic planning, integration/implementation of new technologies
  • Originally from France, trilingual English/Spanish/French
  • Cross-functional and multi-cultural environments feel like home
  • Trilingual English/Spanish/French

With these, I also bring an unusual combo of highly-creative type A personality with a lot of drive. My modus operandi: Always positively impact clients, coworkers, and stakeholders.

The short video (1:45) below illustrates what motivates me and why I do what I do:

Bio & Resumé

With more than 15 years of professional experience in multichannel and integrated marketing communications and managing international, multi-cultural, and cross-functional teams, I help B2B & B2C businesses grow and become more sustainable.

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Clients & Testimonials

As a marketer who's worked in more than 25 markets, helping companies grow their businesses through integrated marketing, I created plenty of and strong long-term business relationships. As such, sharing a list of real clients/testimonials is a pleasure!


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Making a difference, one action at a time, and inspiring others to become self-sufficient. That's what it is all about for me!
"Carla has the technical skills, analytical mind, and the creative business experience to make it seem easy."

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