·     15+ years of experience in international marketing communications.

·     Applicable experience in more than 20 countries.

· Creative planner and strategic creative.

· Extensive multiple project management skills and experience.

·     2 masters degrees: International Marketing and International Relations.

·     Strongest skills in B2B integrated marketing, multiple project management, problem solving, strategic planning
    and implementation, and integration of new technologies.

·      Originally from France, trilingual English/Spanish/French. Conversational in Portuguese.

·      Thrives in cross-functional and multi‐cultural environments.

·      Modus operandi: positively impact clients, coworkers and stakeholders. 

·  Always interested in global and creative opportunities if there is a commitment to optimizing and integrating marketing within the organization's road map, as a strategic component to secure growth, business development, and sustainability. 

           Member of: AMA, AIMA, NAIR & ASAE